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Click here for the Pinzgauer Factory Video

Here is a link to the original SDP Pinzgauer factory video from 1972. It is in Windows Media Player format and is quite large.  To minimize bandwidth usage, please download the file instead of playing it as streaming media.  To download it just "right click" and "save the target (file)". This WMV is from the original film  acquired by our own Per Eliasen. It is not copyrighted. The soundtrack and narration are priceless..

Click here for the NEW Pinzgauer.UK sales video clip.

Makes you want to go buy a 716 or 718...



Dennis Williams from Linden Engineering is a great sponsor of our club and one of the best Pinzgauer mechanic in the United States. Check out his website..

Steyr Pinzgauer Brochures (716-718 models). Click on any thumbnail for a full size image


Parts and technical information

The best source for Pinzgauer technical info is  K. Juergen Schoepf's  SDP-Pinzgauer site. Juergen has assembled some great technical information.

Click here to go to this site.

Parts Cross reference.

Note: Not all of these have been checked.  Some part #'s simply do not exist from NAPA

Pinzgauer Parts Cross Reference








Air Filter

NAPA 6415

FRAM CA3015(Extinct)

Hastings LF-634(Amsoil)

Purolator A57096

Baldwin PA2792

Oil Filter

NAPA 1283,1768

FRAM PH2842, PH6923

AC/Delco PF2044

Bosch 72116

Baldwin BT292


Hastings LF-404(Amsoil)

Fuel Filter

NAPA 3032BP/SF123002


AC/Delco GF-61, GF-94

Wix 33032

Baldwin BF840-K1


MotorCraft FG-2, FG-107

LEE LG24, LG461

Purolator F20011

Spark Plugs (.25gap)

Champion 616 (Military)

AutoLite 2304

NGK BPR6ES(civ ends)

Bosch WC8DC


GE H6024 (Halogen)


Fuel Pump

NAPA M60175



Bosch 1 234 332 088


Bosch/1 237 330 067


4 Wheel Drive Indicator

OSRAM 2 W 1818



Drain Plug Gaskets

NAPA 704-1364 (copper)


Lug Nuts

Chevy Astro Van(maybe)

Why a Pinzgauer?

The Pinzgauer is a relatively "new" vehicle in the U.S.  Restrictions on all import vehicles mandate that anything imported must be 25 years or older.  The Pinzgauers imported/brought into the US were typically made from 1972-1976. And only have been "seriously" imported since 1998. The majority of Pinzgauers were purchased at Swiss  military auctions by dealers who import and sell the vehicles here.

To many, buying a 25+  year old ex-military vehicle would seem like a project only for the serious military collector. Or a mechanic resigned to spending several hundred hours or maintaining a cranky vehicle.   In all honesty,  the Pinzgauer has proven that the original qualities that made this vehicle so appealing to the Swiss military (capability, reliability, & versatility) have also made them an excellent choice as a fun "do everything" vehicle here in the states...today!

The prices for Pinzgauers vary of course.  A bone stock 710M (4 wheels, soft top) will usually run anywhere from only $9000-$12000 depending on condition.  712M's (6 wheel versions will cost from $14000-$16000. Consider what this nominal investment gets you.

  • A vehicle that can hold as much or more than a standard pickup. (1-1.5 tons of cargo )  or 10 people.

  • A vehicle that stock is as capable off road as anything sold in the United states for 2-3 or even 5 times as much money.  With 14 inches of Ground clearance,  True "shift on the fly" 4 or 6 wheel drive, and differential locks front and rear. The Pinzgauer is capable of off-road travel well beyond the common SUV

  • A vehicle that in this day of electronics, is surprisingly easy to maintain.  Parts are not difficult to get.

  • A vehicle that never fails to turn heads. Wherever you go!

Some Pinzgauer owners choose to put many thousands of dollars in their trucks with custom paint, seats, wheels, winches, and other options to truly make their trucks look better or ride nicer,  While others choose to leave theirs stock, with OD paint, rust, and dents!   The great thing about the Pinzgauer, is that putting a lot of money into a truck doesn't really make it that much more of a capable truck...  A stock Pinzgauer can pretty much go wherever a modified truck can go, unlike other vehicles that require a great deal of money to make them more capable. 

Pinzgauers are used all over the US. from daily transportation, to family fun vehicles, to exotic off road and winery tour "buses".  In the more than three decades since these vehicles were selected by the Swiss military as their "jeep" or "Humvee"  they are again proving their value to a whole new generation of Americans. 

If you are considering a Pinzgauer, you are already using a valuable  resource to get information.  The Internet is the best place to learn about this vehicle.  Check our Useful Links section for other sites that have more information about this unique vehicle. 

 Before deciding to buy from a dealer or individual, learn as much about the Pinzgauer as you can.


Keep checking for more postings!

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